REVIEW: Southern Fruits – EP: Polar Night Blues


SOUTHERN FRUITS are a pretty intriguing recent musical discovery for me. They are a group of ten to twelve musicians, with a male and female vocalist, two drummers, and a bunch of enthusiastic guitarists. Add some harmonica and organ, and you have yourself a southern rock/blues rock band! How American as that may sound, this jolly group of blokes are from Finland. They released their very first EP with the catchy title “Polar Night Blues” in April of this year.

What first caught my attention was the EP’s title. I am currently Belgium-based, where polar nights aren’t a thing, and I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like for the darkness of the night to last more than 24 hours. Aside from the occasional vampire (Has anyone seen the horror movie 30 Days of Night?), there are probably very few people who do not get depressed by this phenomenon. So, what better cure for the gloominess of a never-ending night than making some music and singing the blues! SOUTHERN FRUITS to the rescue!

The EP has only four original songs, but quality over quantity, am I right? The band is still testing the waters, and if you are wondering how they would fill an hour gig: a quick search on the interwebz tells me that they also play some rockin’ covers (I watched them perform “Whipping Post” by THE ALLMAN BROTHERS), well-known hits, and hidden gems. Watching live videos just made me want to go and buy a ticket. What an uplifting performance, filled with those lovely bluesy vibes! The perfect pastime for any dark polar night, or simply any Friday night for that matter.

“Polar Night Blues” is definitely made by a group of musicians who know what they are doing. The band’s particular style – a charming mix of blues, country, and rock – makes the listener curious to guess who their biggest influences are. The Hammond organ must be linked to previously mentioned ALLMAN BROTHERS, bringing the very distinct “southern” atmosphere to the most northern of regions. Other delightful features are the counterpoint guitars, along with awesome sliding guitar solos, and some 12/8 blues beats on the drums. The vocalists tell relatable stories that make you nod your head and stomp your feet to the beat. They are killin’ it! Give this EP a listen if you want to muse about the glory days of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, or put it in the cd player on your next sunset roadtrip. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Stranger
  2. Polar Night Blues
  3. Over by Now
  4. Gospel


Music and Lyrics by Sami Huohvanainen


Independent (release date 12.04.2019)

LINKS Night Blues Studiolive, YouTube: