REVIEW: Northern Genocide – Genesis Vol. 666


NORTHERN GENOCIDE is the band you get when a guitar player (Pyry Pohjanpalo) and a computer programmer (Rainer Pekkinen) unite through their mutual love of Metal. This hybrid of heavy riffage and electronic music gets labeled Modern Industrial Metal. After the 2015 EP “Planet Asylum”, they proudly present their first full-length album, “Genesis Vol. 666”, set for release on August 30th via Inverse Records.

I do have some Industrial Metal/Rock in my playlist, including early pioneers FRONT 242 and NINE INCH NAILS, and the giant in the genre RAMMSTEIN is still on my live concert bucket list. I always felt like this genre has more mainstream success than others because it appeals to many different kinds of audiences, and so will newcomer NORTHERN GENOCIDE. This record has some angry riffs any metalhead will enjoy headbanging to, alongside some electronical elements Industrial lovers will happily dance to, or computer fanatics will be eager to analyze.

Aside from the fact that this record has something to offer for anyone, “Genesis Vol. 666” does show more potential on the creative side as well. Tommi Salonen‘s vocals range from low growls to high-pitched screams reminiscent of Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH). Secondly, Pohjanpalo has a guitar repertoire that goes beyond aggressive riffs, including but not limited to deliciously melodic choruses à la IN FLAMES, and kick-ass solos. What I loved most, however, is the dynamic synth work (I have said it before and I will say it again: I am a sucker for synths). They are what bind the various elements of this record together, and add a particular sense of Symphonic epicness to every track.

Aside from synths, I also love those tiny details that put the band’s stamp on an album. The ones you may not pay much attention to at first, but discover along the way, and go: “Hey, that’s clever.” This album just so happens to have a whole array of those little accents: the eerie siren’s song in “Black Widow”, the two different vocal pitches in “The Siren” with sound effects like a police siren and machine gun, drum patterns to mimic an automatic rifle, etc. I will leave some of them up to you to find.
The whole record gave me a dystopian atmosphere and vibes of impending doom. Looking at the themes of Tommi Salonen‘s lyrics – rightly so. This is an album about society’s downfall, exposing its dark side, and holding up a mirror to all of us who are blind to its faults.

To sum up, this is a debut that will righteously end up in many and diverse collections, because NORTHERN GENOCIDE has a lot to offer. On that note, I will let their music speak for itself, with the lyric video of my favourite song, entirely in Finnish: “Ikiruoste”. (“Until Dusk”)


1. Intro
2. Genesis vol. 666
3. Black Widow
4. Annihilation of the world of spirits
5. Neon Antichrist
6. Ecplise
7. The siren
8. Soul dystopia
9. The avalanche
10. Sintropolis
11. Ikiruoste 


Tommi Salonen – Vocals
Pyry Pohjanpalo – Lead guitar
Markku Tuuri – Drums
Jussi Pulliainen – Bass
Rainer Pekkinen – Producer


Inverse Records


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