REVIEW: Atlases – EP: Penumbra


Atlases is one of Finland’s newest local bands, founded in 2017 in Pori, by Oceanwake guitarist Ville-Veikko Laaksonen. While writing new material for Oceanwake, he had actually formed the foundation for a new project, called Atlases. After establishing a lineup, the band released their first EP called Penumbra.

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The EP starts of with a track called “An Era We”ll Bury.” It already gives quite a clear picture of what the rest of the album is going to be like, atmospheric would be even an understatement. The soundscapes used are interesting and create a very immersive atmosphere you want to keep listening to, in the same trend “A Passage Through Nebula” continues, although slightly different with the use of lean vocals. Next song in line “Hamartia” also builds up around a soundscape. All songs start off very calmly and from the beginning on you dive into them, as the song continues, you’ll experience different emotions and it’s beautiful. All tracks on the album have the same compelling buildup, and that very atmospheric factor in them. The songs don’t get too heavy or brutal, they just help you to space out to the music and feel things you didn’t know you could feel.
Atlases, managed to create a great new post-metal album and have put themselves on the map for those who like atmospheric music. The atmosphere I’m talking about in this specific case is not only melancholic, but also has that nice little intriguing aspect of a mystery that you’d like to solve. The production of these songs is outstanding, and the musicians involved in this project sound tight and well together. So if you want to loose yourself in music and listen to something that even though is melancholic, can serve as a very relaxing soundtrack, then Penumbra of Atlases is definitely the way to go, trust me. You won’t regret.


1. An Era We’ll Bury
2. A Passage Through Nebula
3. Hamartia
5. Shards Of Broken Light
5. Medusa


Jamppa Lamminpää – vocals
Ville-Veikko Laaksonen – guitars
Nico Brander – guitars
Jerkka Perälä – bass & vocals
Rami Peltola – drums