REVIEW: Medeia – Xenosis


After discovering Medeia at Metal Crane Festival, I thought it’s about time to listen to their album and perhaps even write a review about it. The band released their album “Xenosis” on 18 January 2019, and it serves as a prologue, as well as an epilogue to their album trilogy (Quantum Holocaust: World Domination, Cult, and Abandon All). The story, where humans are portrayed as insects, takes place before this trilogy.


“Xenosis” begins with a fragment of the Bible, that silently morphs into something a lot darker, a lonely guitar string guides the song into a slow, but heavy riff, before it settles in. “Prologue” gives a clear picture of what the concept of the album is about, which is a great approach to introduce it. Not all concept albums are obvious from the start. The song continues in “Insectia”, one of the singles the band recently released. This song is actually the one that convinced me of the band’s high powered, energetic death metal. In fact, it perhaps is my personal highlight of the album. I somehow also have an affinity for shouting “HU-HA!” during concerts when it is expected, and that is something that “Insectia” empowers. The song has such incredible energy live.

The Finnish heirs to the legacy of death metal have gone above and beyond on “Xenosis”, creating tracks that shred harder, tracks that all-in-all would make even the most peace-loving metalhead (read: me) start a wall of death. The beauty of “Xenosis”, is that it is filled with such tracks. Each track is solid, melodic, and surprises time and again. It makes you want to move. My personal highlights of the album are “Insectia”, “Collision Imminent”, and the title track “Xenosis”.

With their high powered, and dark riffs, haunting backing vocals, and brutal vocals, Medeiashowcases their contemporary approach to the genre. Moreover, the production of the album is outstanding and is everything you would want from a death metal album, and at the end of the day, what more could you want? See you someday at a concert of Medeia, in the pit.

Frans Aalto: Lead Vocals
Samuli Peltola: Guitar, Vocals
Pekko Mörö: Guitar
Laura Dziadulewicz: Piano, Synth, Vocals
Samuli Kuusinen: Bass, Vocals
Janne Putkisaari: Drums, Vocals

1. Prology
2. Insectia
3. Shadowmaker
4. Phenomenon
5. Collision Imminent
6. I’m the Abyss
7. Ascension
8. Nectar of the Gods
9. Xenosis
10. All That’s Left