REVIEW: Leverage – EP: The Devil’s Turn


It has been almost ten years since Leverage released their last album “Circus Colossus”. After nearly a decade of hibernation, the band is back for more with a new singer Kimmo Blom and a new guitar player Mikko Salovaara. The band recently released their new EP “The Devil’s Turn”, an introduction to the new line up and a warm-up for the forthcoming album.


The EP has four songs on it, of which on “Wheels From Hell” was released as a single.  It starts off with “Dead Man’s Hand”. A highly addictive song that introduces us to the new line up. The band has created a new sound, which fans of Uriah HeepIron Maiden etc. will definitely like immediately. Changing your vocalist is often very tricky, but Leverage has found a suitable match in Kimmo Blom. His voice fits the music perfectly and while he sounds different than Pekka Heino, he often gives an edgy touch to the new songs. This is also clear in the next track of the EP “Wheels From Hell” where we are served with a fast-paced heavy metal song, that shows no mercy. With heavy ass riffs, catchy chord progression and a kick-ass melody the band has created a song that gets stuck in your head instantly. The next track of the EP is “Unicorn” and that’s the track that has really caught my attention. While “Wheels From Hell” is perhaps a more obvious choice as a highlight, I personally think that “Unicorn” is my favorite track on the EP. The song feels a little bit more complex than the other 3 tracks, has a lot of diversity in the track itself, for example, the song loses its fast-paced tempo around the middle and then smoothly transitions into a beautiful acoustic intermezzo, which allows a guitar solo with twin guitars to build up a climax. The song picks up its pace after which it finished off with the chorus. “Children Of The Skyfall” is the last song of the EP and finishes off the record with a lot of power, ease and again catchy melodies and hooks. It’s a song that makes you hit replay instantly.

All-in-all we are left with 4 tracks that really convince. They are powerful, diverse and a great introduction to the new band. Leverage’s crew never lost the vitality that made their earlier records so exciting. Their new songs have a new and fresh sound, “The Devil’s Turn” could easily be the start of a successful new chapter for the band. This EP crackles with an energy. A band that has created a wonderful hard rock, heavy metal sound that often reminds me of classic bands like Uriah Heep and Iron Maiden. There’s a little bit of something for every fan on this EP.

Hopefully, the band continues down the same promising road. I already can admit that I’m looking forward to Leverage’s next release.

1. Dead Man’s Hand
2. Wheels From Hell
3. Unicorn
4. Children Of The Skyfall

Kimmo Blom – Vocals
Tuomas Heikkinen – Guitar
Mikko Salovaara – Guitar
Sami Norrbacka – Bass
Marko Niskala – Keyboards
Valtteri Revonkorpi – Drums