REVIEW: Kuona – Kaksivaara


The history of Kuona is long and goes back all the way to 2006 when they released their EP “Ärsyttävä”, some EPs and singles later the band is now ready to present us their debut album“Kaksivaara”.


The band has spent the better part of two years on crafting “Kaksivaara” and laid down in total 13 tracks on their debut album. Those 13 tracks are worth of heavy metal, that’s heavily inspired by punk rock with gruff vocals, round edges that sit well against the melodic hooks and nifty guitar lines.

In all of this, the band has managed to create their own sound, with very creative and refreshing elements being part of their music. All the 13 tracks on the album sound very consistent and have somehow the same structures.

Delivered at high speed and with plenty of strong melodies and buzzing guitars, Kuona race through the album and leave you feeling satisfied. I enjoyed all the tracks equally and can totally recommend the album as a whole. It’s an easy listen, it’s captivating and I can totally imagine the band being a kick-ass live band. If I have to pick three favorites then I’d go for: “Halinalle”, “Leikkaa Auki” and the more progressive “Aivokirurgia”.

The fact that the album is in Finnish shouldn’t stop you from listening, true, I feel that some information might get a bit lost, because I somehow have the feeling the lyrics are a big part of the sound, but the music offers enough of creativity even for those who don’t understand Finnish at all, to enjoy. This creativity is a big part of the sound, making the album very refreshing as a whole. For a small band, the production is relatively surprising. Everything sounds well-balanced out, of course, it can always be better, but the band seems to be on the right track with “Kaksivaara”. I surely hope the band will follow the same path for the next couple of releases!

Vivian Suolenkainen – Bass and vocals
Vitku Salama – Drums
Mr. Lohja – Guitar and backup vocals
Yli-Komissaari Saharov – Guitar


  1. +358-41-4833170
  2. Halinalle
  3. Kostant
  4. Aleksitymia
  5. .
  6. Leikkaa auki
  7. Jumalanpilkkaa
  8. Yksi enkeleistä
  9. Torakat
  10. Ärsyttävä
  11. Vastakohta rauhalle
  12. Kol0nel
  13. Aivokirurgia