REVIEW: Konkuered – EP: Kingdom Fall


Konkuered, is a Helsinki-based atmospheric metal act. The band recently released their EP “Kingdom Fall”, centered around the theme of dictatorship and dystopia. One or two elements give this away, the title, the album cover, lyrics, and even the music and the atmosphere in general.


“Kingdom Fall” kicks off with an atmospheric intro which sets the tone of the entire album, it then continues in “Night Skies”. The two tracks give us immediately an insight into the story we are offered. Because it feels that that is what the band is doing, telling a story. In that sense, we get eight very consistent tracks. There is perhaps not that much diversity within the songs, they are structured the same way, but as the story continues the song gets a bit more diverse and the tempo gets faster, unfolding into again a slower track “This World”. With albums like “Kingdom Fall”, the story really needs to convey. I try to imagine the story being told by closing my eyes. For me, the purpose is very successful and I could even totally imagine this being the soundtrack to a movie.

So let’s talk a bit more about what I specifically enjoyed in this album? I mostly enjoyed the storytelling part that is being supported by the atmospheres in the songs, build up by synths, electronics and just in general by the pace of the music. Sometimes the music feels as if there’s no hope, sometimes it feels frightening and in the end, I can feel the despair. I especially like the vocal performance of Tommi Lindfors. His voice suits very well with the music and has more than once surprised me. What was also surprising to me is how refreshing the drums of Kristian Merilahti are, even though the music is at times slow, his fills are very creative and the beat really adds up something to the atmosphere in general. There are some great riffs and solos, even though the album definitely is not guitar-driven. I specifically enjoyed the first half of the album more, where the whole album kind of builds up to “Kingdom Gone”. The rest of the album sticks a bit less to the mind perhaps, but is not perse weaker, in my opinion, it’s just kind of how the story or theme would develop. Personal highlights are “Halos” and “Through Lifetimes”.

In general, those of you who are into atmospheric rock and metal will certainly like this album. It’s an album you can listen to when you want to relax. It’s an album you can lose yourself into. I’m sure if the band continues down this road, we will hear a lot more from them in the future.

2.Night Skies
4.Through Lifetimes
5.Kingdom Gone
7.7th Hour
8.This World

Tommi Lindfors – Guitar, Vocals
Teemu Kemppainen – Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Toni Kammonen – Bass
Kristian Merilahti – Drums