REVIEW: Hamartia – EP: Ílios


Finnish band Hamartia from Tampere hands a very powerful debut EP “Ílios” with a lot of depth, which they released in July 2016. The four piece classify themselves as a heavy psychedelic rock band and it is time to see what they have to offer us.


The EP begins unassumingly with a captivating melodic section, broken up by an angry “fuck”. Even though you would assume that a song starting with fuck is very aggressive and straight-to-the-point, the song has room for a lot of intrinsic atmospheric and melodic parts. It has some compelling deviations between the different sections. I can only state that “Somnolent” is anything but somnolent.

Quite on the contrary, the second track “Theikos” shows us a whole other side of the band. The song seems to suppress any of the metal-ingredients that were present in the first one and instead it immerses us in a melodic and more rhythmic post rock atmosphere. This song is truly psychedelic to the bone. It’s the kind of psychedelia where you lose yourself in the moment and just start enjoying the soundscape and can’t help to space out once in a while, wandering in your own thoughts. I can’t help but to be reminded of progressive metal band The Contortionist.

The last track “Ílios” starts off with a slow build-up and a mysterious atmosphere, with guitar, vocals and bass building up to a moment where it turns into an entirely different matter, where the vocals introduce the twisted rhythm that the bass and drums soon pick up. The song is something that hovers somewhere between psychedelic rock and progressive metal and it is in this song that the band displays their sound the most. Some of the riffs do remind of Rage Against The Machine with the structure and the complexity of a Tool-song, or sometimes I’m even reminded of Periphery. The last song in my opinion is a very strong song, where I enjoy the rhythmic section very much and the elements of surprise keep me compelled to the end. It’s a song where I spontaneously hit the replay button.

In general the EP is for fans of psychedelic rock, progressive metal and who like an atmosphere of hypnotic riffs combined with a ferocious sound. The twists and turns that the EP has, are not only thought-provoking but also refreshing.  “Ílios” works thus well as an EP, it’s dark, dense and impenetrable. Musically, there is plenty of impressive chops and the songs are structured very nicely. If I have to criticize something, it would be to pay more attention to making the vocals and guitar solos sound a little bit tighter in the next production, even though I would be nitpicking. I am very impressed with the drums and bass. I can only conclude that the EP makes an impressive debut that might require repeated listens to uncover its many treasures. However, those who take up the challenge will be rewarded.


1. Somnolent
2. Theikos
3. Ílios


Eemeli Siekkinen – Guitar/Vocals
Lassi Saarinen – Guitar
Petri Anttila – Bass
Iiro Silvonen – Drums