Impressive “This Train I Ride” documentary premiering tomorrow in Helsinki


Warren Ellis, known from NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS, and director Arno Bitschy, are ready to present their collaboration and documentary film “This Train I Ride”.

The documentary will be premiered at the Rakkauta ja Anarkiaa Film Festival and is one of the most anticipated events of the festival, among others present are director Arno Bitschy and Warren Ellis, the cornerstone of NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS, who composed the music for the documentary.

The film was produced by none other than Finnish Liisa Karpo of Napafilms, and Marianne Mäkelä as co-producers with the main producer being Clara Vuillermoz. Heikki Kossi and Pietu Korhonen, who had previously explored Ellis’ work in the “20,000 Days on Earth” film, are responsible for the sound design of the film.

Deckert Distribution GmbH describes the documentary as:

“The United States. Today. A freight train crosses the landscape like a giant steel snake. To catch this train, you have to wait for nightfall so you’re not seen. Because it’s illegal. I’m doing it to follow some hobos* (*vagabonds). They’re women, on their own, and they’ve chosen a life of travel, with no particular destination in mind.

Amid the noise of the iron horse, they adopt me as a traveling companion and tell their stories to my camera. I try to grasp what their ultimate quest is. They’re stronger than men, stronger than society. They are free.”

Director Arno Bitschy has come close to the soulful landscapes of the film’s main stars while traveling with them in harsh conditions, and the end result is both beautiful and grim.

“The train is also one of the main characters in the movie. To get a real feel for it, I asked Warren Ellis to compose a movie soundtrack. I admire his skills as a musician as well as “, Arno Bitschy praises.

“This Train I Ride” is coming to selected cinemas all over Finland in early November. More specific dates and venues will be announced later.

Watch the trailer here: