GALLERY: 4.5.2023 Keretik & HIDE @ Kuudes Linja, Helsinki


The Chicago-based duo Seth Sherin and Heather Gabel of HIDE, known for their dark and heavy electronic music, were set to play at Kuudes Linja on Thursday May 4th, 2023. Since we were in the mood for some darkness, we decided to go see their show along with support act KERETIK.

Helsinki-based KERETIK opened the night with their self-described “gloomy metalpunk,” offering an enjoyable set that mostly featured songs from their 2022 full-length, “Tomorrow’s Worst Enemy.” The main event of the night for us was Chicago-based industrial EDM outfit HIDE, whose work we have been following for a while. Before the show, Sherin burned incense around the venue. This prepared the audience for a ritual, and their set felt the same way. HIDE are known for performing in pitch-black darkness, which makes for a very immersive sensory experience. The only light sources throughout the set were strobe lights that created a haunting but impressive effect.

At one point during the show, a concertgoer in the front row was paying more attention to their phone than what was happening on stage, disrupting the performance. Gabel kindly tapped the phone screen as if to say, “Eyes up here.” While the person didn’t get the hint at first, Gabel’s demanding presence solved the issue a couple of minutes later.

Altogether the 45-minute show was on the short side, with the crowd definitely wanting more! Alas, we were left with a hunger that only more touring can solve. Hopefully the band will find their way back to Helsinki as soon as possible!



Photos by Lassi Saarinen