GALLERY: 6.5.2023 – Ruuhi, Cardinal’s Folly, Spiritus Mortis @ Apollo, Turku


On the evening of the May 6th, 2023, we had the pleasure of attending three doom metal concerts at the Apollo club in Turku…

The evening started strong with RUUHI bringing out a masked shaman figure, who roamed amongst the crowd. That was a really nice touch, adding to their slow, thunderous music. RUUHI is a relatively fresh project hailing from our very own Turku and we’re excited about what they’re going to show us next! 

Next, CARDINAL’S FOLLY took to the stage. The trio from Helsinki delivered a really interesting set, as the crowd began to thicken. They’re known for their traditional and raw approach to the genre. Their music often features slow, down-tuned guitars, heavy basslines, and thunderous rhythms, creating a somber and atmospheric mixture. Lyrically, the band explores themes of darkness, despair, and occultism, adding an additional layer of depth to their music. During their set, a little something worth noticing was the drummer’s reversed cross sign he made with the drumsticks every now and then. That was a nice touch to add atmosphere to the performance. 

The last act of the night was SPIRITUS MORTIS, a band from the town of Alavus, which is, according to Metal Archives, the first doom metal band in Finland. Formed in 1987, they’re true pioneers of the genre. The band’s name, SPIRITUS MORTIS, translates to “spirit of death” in Latin, which reflects the dark and melancholic themes often explored in their music. In their lyrics, they focus on subjects such as mortality, despair, and occultism. They delivered a powerful and emotive set. The dedication of the lead vocalist, Kimmo Perämäki, didn’t go unnoticed. He poured his whole soul into his singing, giving an incredibly theatrical show. The band played a long set, making sure no fan of doom metal left dissatisfied. 

Overall it was a great night, full of really good live music. If you don’t know the bands and you enjoy slow doom music, definitely give them a listen.