GALLERY: 21.5.2022 Battle Beast @ Tavastia, Helsinki


Last Saturday, the Finnish heavy metal stars of BATTLE BEAST finally got the chance to celebrate their new album, Circus Of Doom.” You could really tell that both the audience and the band were excited to be at Tavastia, the most legendary venue in Helsinki. The place was full of people who looked and sounded like they were big fans of BATTLE BEAST – it was almost like witnessing an army rather than just a bunch of people that listen to their music. And even with no supporting acts to open the evening, everyone was already buzzing inside and the place was pretty much full way before showtime.

The band kicked the show off with high octane energy filling the room with sparks and the stage with running and jumping musicians. The same energy continued throughout the entire night, which was both exciting and inspiring to witness. You could really tell that this was a well-oiled machine at work. BATTLE BEAST are a band filled with professionals who take their music and their audience seriously… but not too seriously, since the show was also filled with humor, Disney singalongs, and tongue-in-cheek rockstar flare.