FEATURED SINGLE: Ember Falls – Cloud Connected (In Flames cover)


Last year, I introduced the GHOST principle of making a perfect cover song. This, in short, simply means that in order to create a perfect cover track, you have to make it in your own style, with your own sound. On Friday May 20th, 2022, EMBER FALLS joined their ranks when they released their own take on “Cloud Connected” by IN FLAMES.

The first thing that becomes clear when putting this cover on, is that indeed, EMBER FALLS decided to take the track and make it their own. The song opens on an electronic note with soft melodic vocals, as Kalle Laakso bursts in screaming as the guitars kick in. What a fucking start! The electronic sound is pure perfection, as they take the original sound but play with it in their own style, making their own rules regarding how they want to split the vocals. The harmonization between Tuomas Välimaa and Kalle Laakso is glorious in the chorus, while the powerful high notes that follow are magnificent, before the growls roar back in. The drums are fantastic, there’s chill guitar soloing, followed by a symphonic black metal breakdown, more shredding soloing, and just… so much good energy that it’s impossible to not want to mosh around wherever you are.

This is a rare occasion, in that we don’t have an accompanying video, but if you’d like to hear how to do a cover song, EMBER FALLS are happy to show you that they’re just as in tune with their own vibe as Tobias Forge is, and are worthy of the cover-song hall of fame for taking a hugely popular classic IN FLAMES song and making it sound as if they were the ones who wrote it. A+, once again!