FEATURED SINGLE(S): Celeri – Hyper & Send It


In case it’s been unclear, we’ve been developing a growing love of electronic music and psytrance in recent years, with a lot of psychedelic music and instrumental music really tickling my personal fancy. As such, when we heard that Occult Cats was releasing another dual single on January 20th, 2023, this time with another local artist known as Celeri, we thought we should check it/them out!

Interestingly, the opening to “HYPER” sounds like it took some inspiration from BURNING HOLES IN TIME‘s Self Titled (another artist to release music via Occult Cats), mainly in the song’s intro atmosphere and the way it progresses, lurking forward and then aggressively snapping into the main groove. From there, however, the similarities end, as BHIT has always been about throwing curveballs and taking surprising twists and turns, while “HYPER” has straight-up street racing electronica vibes. As it revs up the engine and blasts into high gear, it shows that Celeri‘s music is more on the trance side of things, with a thick backing sound, upon which you can fully picture cars ripping down the streets, especially if you are familiar with the Tokyo nightlife scene. Just imagine the sky in the black of night, lit up by the flashing lights of Lamborghinis and Porches as they’re drifting around corners at top speeds, Initial D-style. Or, just picture yourself in a club actively losing your shit with your hands in the air – both work brilliantly.

When DJs and electronic artists release a single with two tracks, more often than not, you expect them to be releasing two songs that sound kind of the same, or maybe one of the tracks is a different version of the original. However, this is absolutely not the case on this single, as “SEND IT” has a fully different tempo and vibe to it. The only immediately notable through-line from it to “HYPER” seems to be in the driving theme, with both tracks featuring street sounds (revving and sirens, for example). “SEND IT” is an even more beefed up track than “HYPER,” despite its considerably slower tempo, with even more samples and twists and turns added onto its tasty trance beat, making for yet another high-energy track for your listening pleasure.

If you’re looking for new music to add to your party and/or dance playlists for 2023, Celeri‘s new “SEND IT” single is a great place to start looking! Check it out now on Spotify and in the other usual places online!