FEATURED SINGLE: Burning Holes in Time – Self Titled


The Finnish music scene generally needs a shake-up, as there are too many bands and not enough of them that do things differently or take risks for a unique sound. One artist that we tend to keep an eye on is local BURNING HOLES IN TIME, who releases psytrance music that’s infused with a variety of other influences. He impressed us greatly with his first two albums under the name MODERN DAY ALIEN and we deeply enjoyed his dual-single earlier this year, so when we noticed a new single online, we thought it would be worth checking out.

If there was one thing that I have always appreciated about BHIT‘s music, it’s that the soundscape is always so cinematic and has a distinct vibe. This strangely-titled new track opens on an ominous digital sound that creeps around for just under a minute before it takes on an even darker tone and picks up a little bit of speed. It explores this space for some time and again, the biggest strength BHIT has is keeping these soundcapes interesting all the while with small details that keep your attention. It takes an even danker turn around the 3-minute-mark and then everything starts to come together in a really twisted and somewhat disturbing way that sort of sickens the heart and makes you want to dance at the same time. Then, it slows down a little, as the weird warging sounds lurk around before a small final build-up, as sounds bounce back and forth between headset speakers, leading up to a soft but sudden conclusion.

Ultimately, BURNING HOLES IN TIME continues to prove that he is a wizard at this type of music, as this is probably the best single he’s released so far this year, and is arguably an improvement in style and sound over this year’s earlier dual-single, as well as those two previously-released albums under the MDA name. Keep pushing music out, and we’ll be happy to review it, because it only seems to be getting better!