FEATURED SINGLE: Shereign – Against the Odds


In 2020, SHEREIGN surprised us with their powerful debut single, Losing Sight.” I admit that based on that track, I had made certain assumptions about what SHEREIGN‘s style of music would be. So when the band released a trailer of their upcoming single, “Against the Odds,” I thought the single would be a power ballad of some kind with an emotive vocal performance by singer Sara Strömmer.

Turns out that “Against the Odds” is a prime example of how you should never judge a book by its cover – or how Sara Strömmer is an evil genius who purposefully posted the teaser just for listeners to be blown away. Because after the first very moving emotional lines, the song takes quite an unexpected turn. While the first single was a powerful hard rock anthem, this song is all about pedal to the metal: heavy riffs, thundering growls, fast drumming, with a bit of alternative metal flavor. The soulful melody from the beginning of the song is used as a fierce chorus that makes the song extremely catchy. This all combined makes us really excited for what’s to come!