FEATURED SINGLE: Shereign – Losing Sight


While many of the names within SHEREIGN may be familiar to you from bands like FEAR OF DOMINATION and BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE, this heavy metal group is fresh on the scene in late 2020, with their first single having been released a few short weeks ago, entitled “Losing Sight.” After a week-long wait post-release, the accompanying music video is finally here, which came out on November 12th, 2020.

The song starts out with soft guitar lines and ambient sounds before the tempo picks up and vocalist Sara Strömmer comes in with her famously beautiful voice. Known for her fabulous melodies and ferocious growls with FEAR OF DOMINATION, “Losing Sight” showcases an entirely new side of this versatile singer’s sound. With music less heavy and more rock ‘n’ roll, the easier singing style allows her more flexibility to really play with her notes and make every word stand out with emotion and purpose.

Vocals aside, this song is nothing to turn your nose up at. Each instrument finds its place to allow for a heavy rock ‘n’ roll vibe, with no instrument outshining the others without reason. Much like the intro, the fade-out is led by a haunting electric guitar. Oh, and the video? So cool! Set in a quirky shop somewhere in southern Finland, we first saw it in the single art but now get to experience first-hand the sort of bizarre and even creepy things contained within, as the band passionately execute their vision. It’s very well done!

Want to learn more about the single? We asked Sara some questions about it on IGTV! Also check out our Spotify playlist, where you can find the most recent singles from rising Finnish bands.



Sara Strömmer – vocals

Joonas Pulkkinen – guitars

Timo Pönni – guitars

Jani Rissanen – bass

Miikki Kunttu – drums



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