FEATURED SINGLE: Oceanhoarse – Waves


Are you ready for that one song that has so much heavy metal drenched in it, that it will blow your mind? Everyone now and then we will highlight a single that has caught our attention so much, it deserves being featured extra on our page. This week quite some captivating singles came out. After adding a bunch of more songs to our Spotify playlist, the band that managed to grasp our attention yet once again is Oceanhoarse. This time with their new single “Waves”, which they published 18 April.
Those who haven’t heard yet the buzz about Oceanhoarse: the band has been kept a secret for about two years and consists out of some heavy metal veterans from the Finnish scene such as Tommy Tuovinen (ex-MyGrain) and Ben Varon (ex-Amoral). We have had the chance to attend some of their live shows previously. The band only released one single before starting to perform. During these gigs I only got acquainted with their music. “Waves” is because of that not a stranger to me. In fact, I specifically remember catching myself to get really excited about the band during the song. “Waves” kind of changes the mood of their music. It’s heavy, it winks to doom metal by its simplicity, has a calmer pace, but because of that it’s more explosive then the two other previously released singles, which so far have been more on the “catchy” spectrum of their songs. “Waves” is not like that. “Waves” is like the underdog, that will win the competition unexpectedly.
The band stated that while they don’t want to get too political or preachy with their music and lyrics, it’s very hard not to be influenced by the outside world. Let’s face it, perhaps it’s our own fault, but our situation nowadays is pretty much fucked up. And that’s precisely what “Waves” is about. All that’s left is one big wave to come and finish it all. This is something that reflects really well in the song. The song is basically all about an atmosphere and mood that Oceanhoarse create.
The mood in “Waves” for me is based on one melody line consisting out of four notes that we hear in the beginning of the song. Just four, not more than that. They make the song what it is, melancholic, but yet powerful and strong. They create the sort of tension that makes you believe that the sword of Damocles hangs over your head. The combination with the slower rhythms and often heavy riffs, makes it like a slow burn. The song exponentially grows out to the point that it becomes almost menacing. It shows us a different side of Oceanhoarse, one that we are willing to explore even more. If you haven’t had the chance yet to go and see Oceanhoarse play live, then let me tell you, this song is one where you might just get goosebumps.
When we talk about music nowadays, it’s hard to find songs that reflect precisely what is being sung about, but “Waves” in that sense has done a perfect job of convincing me. So, what are you still waiting for? You can listen to the single now yourself! Just click here!