FEATURED SINGLE: Noira – Parasite


Sometimes you discover things by randomly scrolling through your news feed from time to time. Newcomers in the metal scene, NOIRA, are an example of that. I had never heard from the band, but noticed that they made a post about their new song in a Facebook group I’m in. Due to auto-play, I noticed some harsh imagery in the video and got triggered, so decided to play their debut singe, “Parasite”

Later on, I received a press release from Ginger Vine Management, providing a little bit more context on both the band and the song. I was surprised to learn that singer Inka Halme once upon a time was a pop sensation in Finland, mostly known as part of NIMETÖN. If you think you have somehow stumbled upon a new pop metal act reminiscent of AMARANTHE, dig a little deeper on our website, because you are in the wrong place. While some of the vocals are a little bit poppy at times, the song follows a different recipe: a pinch of numetal, a hint of thrash metal, a teaspoon of groove metal, and a vocal performance that is somewhat reminiscent of Marilyn Manson‘s style. There is a certain 1990s-early 2000s element in this type of music that reminds me a little bit of acts like the Finnish VELCRA and the German GUANO APES and yet not quite.

Overall, this combination of different elements is fairly unique in the metal scene, particularly in Finland where a band like this can stand out between all the melancholic, dark, and melodic metal acts. From the fairly minimal verses to the explosive chorus layered with heavy riffs and pounding drums, this is a song to get hooked on and like a parasite it will bleed you dry. So it’s up to you, if you are up for something dangerous and exciting, listen to “Parasite,” you won’t regret!

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