FEATURED SINGLE: Everfrost – Die Young (Kesha cover) (Musicalypse Archive)


It’s no secret at this point that Musicalypse is pretty fond of EVEFROST. With the release of their sophomore album, Winterider,” last year in 2019, the band has sprung onto the Finnish power metal scene in a great burst of energy, skill, and good old fashioned fun.

“Die Young” is the album’s cover song – originally released by pop artist Kesha – and has been neatly worked into the album so that it fits in with the EVERFROST concept and story. Unlike the average cover, it’s not found at the end of the album, but closer to the three-quarter mark. In true BODOM-does-Britney or ALESTORM-does-Taio Cruz fashion, EVERFROST elevates what was a terrible American pop drinking song with very little substance, takes the best melodic parts, and amps the whole thing up to 11, creating what ended up being the winner of the Musicalypse staff vote for best cover of 2019! The new music video features material from their Japanese tour earlier this year that was sadly cut short by the closing of borders due to COVID-19.

Benji Connelly and Jope Salminen will be streaming live tonight at 16:00 Finnish time. You can read our past interviews with EVERFROST from 2019 and 2018 by clicking the links, or check out our Unleashed feature where we delve into the full story of Blue Eyed Emotion.”

Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2020
OV: 382


Benji Connelly – keyboards

Mikael Salo – vocals

Allan C. Hassanen – bass

Markus Laito – guitars

Jope “James” Salminen – drums



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