GALLERY: 9.5.2022 Port Noir, Novelists, & Imminence @Klub Kwadrat, Krakow


On Monday, May 9th, 2022, Swedish IMMINENCE, with the support of NOVELISTS and PORT NOIR – hit Klub Kwadrat in Krakow as part of their European Tour. The show was organized by the booking agency Knockout Productions.

Swedish alternative/indie band PORT NOIR was the opening act. The stage had a big, LED banner with the band’s name. To the sounds of electronic beats, the trio entered the stage and opened with the track “All Class.” It was our the first time hearing them. Love Andersson’s deep vocals were a jewel, while Andreas Hollstrand’s energy was hyping up the crowd. Moody and slightly dark, but energetic with catchy tunes, they set up just the right mood for the evening.

The progressive metalcore act from Paris, NOVELISTS, was up next. They opened with “Lost Cause” and the crowd instantly entered the singing mode, shouting all the lyrics along with the frontman, Tobias Rische. The music is a blend of emotional vocals, mellow guitars more typical of alternative metal, harsh screams, and breakdowns with gritty metalcore riffs. There was a lot of crowd surfing, as the fans were so charged. The set consisted of more mellow songs such as “The Light, The Fire” and more hardcore stuff like “Do You Really Wanna Know?” A beautiful moment was an acoustic intermission performed by guitarist Pierre Danel, where all the venue was coated in warm lights. 

From Sweden with love came IMMINENCE. They have been around since 2009, starting as a metalcore/deathcore band. Throughout the course of their career, they have perfected their sound to a more melodic direction, adding clean vocals and a violin. The intro, “I Am Become a Name” began playing as the band members appeared on stage, greeting the crowd, and transitioning into “Ghost.Eddie Berg’s violin and harsh screams belted over the venue – a beautiful combination between aggression and finesse, especially in the songs “Temptation, Heaven in hiding, and Erase.” The crowd experienced an emotional rollercoaster, going from the melancholic sounds of violin and singing to rough metalcore breakdowns. IMMINENCE definitely brought that Swedish gloom filled with passion and love to us. 

Overall, the show was an emotional rollercoaster! The technical side was flawless, both in sound and stage lighting. The hosts definitely met the mark for high-quality shows. 

Port Noir



Photos by Alexandra Aim