FEATURED SINGLE: Daimonic – Might Concealed


KIUAS was perhaps one of the most legendary Finnish metal bands, and everyone in their right mind was at least a little bit heartbroken when they announced quits back in 2013. From the ashes of the renowned KIUAS, guitarist and one of the founding members of the original band, Mikko Salovaara, now formed a new act with the same driving force and sound. DAIMONIC is a continuation of KIUAS with the difference that Mikko Salovaara next to taking up his role as lead guitarist again, also took it upon him to become the band’s frontman and singer. The lineup consists out of members from other heavyweight bands such as MOONSORROW and KING COMPANY. The band recently released a first single “Might Concealed”.

“Might Concealed” starts off with typical KIUAS riffs, and altogether great energy. The sound is familiar but somewhat modernized to what is popular nowadays. The most surprising element in “Might Concealed”, however, is Mikko Salovaara’s vocal delivery. He found exactly the right kind of vocals the sound and music calls for, and this lifts the song to a higher level. Combine that with the amazing guitar work, compelling guitar solos and atmospheric soundscapes created by keyboards, and you get a strong start for the band like “Might Concealed”. We can’t wait for the actual album, can you?

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