FEATURED SINGLE: Crimson Sun – Essence of Creation


In one month, the Kotka-based melodic metal act CRIMSON SUN is ready to unleash their new album to the world. But not before releasing one more single as a taste for what’s to come: “Essence of Creation”.

The single starts with a pumping main riff with guitar and keyboards, before Sini‘s powerful vocals kick in. The new single shows yet another side of the more mature CRIMSON SUN. The song is a bit heavier, has the same poppy elements incorporated in the sound, and has an outstanding positive atmosphere. Listening to a song with such an uplifting atmosphere will bring you instantly in a good mood. The previous single we wrote about “The Beast Within” was an excellent track to accompany you with your working out, this one is yet another great addition to that list.

With yet another great single, CRIMSON SUN managed to captivate us and get us more and more excited about their upcoming release. We’re ready for it! Are you too?

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