SONG OF THE DAY: Chang – Tinderella


Goodness, it’s been a long time since I last listened to something remotely punky. It must have been back when AFI still make punk (as opposed to Goth or… however you’d describe them nowadays). As such, it goes without saying that if I was positively surprised by CHANG‘s new single, “Tinderella,” you know I mean it.

First of all, this song is punk, but not in the relatively annoying way that I’m used to (as I said, I’m not usually a punk fan). There are so many metal elements in the song that it ends up swinging as close to heavy as it does to punk. Thus maintaining a pleasant balance of melody in with its head-bashing energy and speedy punk beat, the song kicks off with a blast of force and it’s easy to be impressed by Alexandra “Geez” Amargianitakis‘ vocals, which are speedy like a punk singer, yet still impressively melodic as she wails. The song doesn’t simply kick forward and never stop, however. Nearly halfway through, it slows down so Geez can sing “I’m a deep-fried slug in a puddle of worms.” The band joins back in as the song builds back up to a really, grunge-y conclusion.

If you like the idea of punk, but not necessarily the execution, CHANG is a band to keep an eye on! With an EP scheduled to be released this year, punk lovers will have something to look forward to with this band. Keep your eyes and ears peeled around here, because we’ll surely have more to say on these guys.