SONG OF THE DAY: Apocalyptica ft. Lzzy Hale – Talk to Me


Finnish metal act APOCALYPTICA are known mostly for two things: (1) their beautiful, soulful, or anthemic instrumental songs that feature cello as the main tool, and (2) their collaborations with renowned vocalists from around the globe. From locals Ville Valo and Lauri Ylönen to neighbors Elize Ryd and Joakim Brodén, to Nina Hagan and Cristina Scabbia, all the way across the pond to Brent Smith, Corey Taylor, or Adam Gontier, APOCALYPTICA always manages to surprise the audience with their pick of guest vocalists.

Sounding more like a HALESTORM song than anything else, “Talk to Me” is the latest single released by APOCALYPTICA and features the one and only Lzzy Hale on vocal duties. Bringing some of her sassy attitude to the music, “Talk to Me” feels refreshing and direct, with a melodic backbone to it coming from the vocals. Starting out with a catchy riff, it gently builds up in intensity as Lzzy’s vocals merge with the cello lines and spirited drumming until it explodes into a catchy chorus section that will get listeners singing along in no time. Her rockish delivery is definitely the driving force of the track, with APOCALYPTICA’s strings and Mikko Sirén’s drum beats staying more in the background, backing her up. As always, Lzzy does a wonderful job of conveying the emotions of the lyrics to the listener, though ironically, the song is not as aggressive as it could be, but more serene and toned-down, with a rocky mid-part that makes the track feel more dynamic and energetic. Certainly a wonderful addition to
APOCALYPTICA’s ever-expanding catalog.

Commenting on the collaboration, here’s what Eicca Toppinen and Lzzy Hale had to say:

“After years of friendship, we are more than happy to release a song together with the amazing Lzzy of HALESTORM! This song has been in our minds for quite some time and we have been waiting for the right moment to finish it, and getting Lzzy to join us and perform in her outstanding way was a dream come true! We want to thank Lzzy and the whole HALESTORM team for their great work and friendship.”Eicca Toppinen

APOCALYPTICA and I have for years talked about doing something together, and the last time I saw Eicca Toppinen in Helsinki, Finland, during the 2019 Tuska Festival, he brought up the idea that we finally make that talk a reality. I’m so excited for the world to hear this song! Thank you so much to the entire APOCALYPTICA camp for being a part of our family all these years and for including me in this project!”Lzzy Hale

Written by Andrea Crow

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