Black/Epic Metal Pioneers Darkwoods My Betrothed Release Lyric Video for Intriguing New Single “Black Fog And Poison Wind”


The wait is almost over! Black/Epic Metal pioneers DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED cloak the world in a veil of damnation with their third single and final harbinger of doom and destruction, “Black Fog And Poison Wind,” cut from their striking upcoming album, “Angel of Carnage Unleashed,” to be revealed this Friday, November 12. The Finnish foursome, now featuring Tuomas Holopainen as a full member of the band and Kai Hahto (both NIGHTWISH) as A session drummer, delivers this final teaser alongside an intriguing lyric video.
The record’s final song, “Black Fog And Poison Wind,” offers an appropriate, hard-hitting, and thunderous ending to the long-awaited comeback album of the Black Metal horde DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED. The song features mad, high-pitched screams, evil riffing, mind-blowing blast beats, and eerie choirs. After 23 years of silence, the vicious new offering, “Angel Of Carnage Unleashed,” sets free some of the fastest and most diabolic songs of the band’s history – a sonic monster combining aggression, haunting soundscapes, epic majesty, and evil melodies.
DARWOODS MY BETROTHED on their new single:
“This is one of our favourite songs from the new album. Lyrically, it tells the story of the so-called ‘Death March of the Carolinians’ where 3000 soldiers of the Swedish army froze to death when withdrawing from Norway across the fells in the winter of 1718. We chose to approach this topic from an anthropomorphic perspective: the storyteller is the poisonous icy wind which – in the service of the Angel of Carnage – mercilessly murdered the soldiers in the snowy mountains. The story is accompanied by a black metal anthem that combines brutal blast beat-driven passages with slower and melodic eerie parts featuring choirs and female vocals. We feel that the song captures the atmosphere of the lyric perfectly.”

“Angel of Carnage Unleashed” contains eight songs written by the three musicians who founded the band in 1993: Pasi Kankkunen, Jouni Mikkonen, and Teemu Kautonen (with substantial creative inputs from the fourth member Tuomas Holopainen). It sets free a unique blend of brutal, fast-driven black metal and epic anthems, in which eerie screams merge with heroic clean vocals, monumental choirs, and majestic keyboards along with gory stories of famine, war, plague, and the inescapable brutality of Finland’s nature in the era of the Great Northern War (1700-1721). It explores how Finns experienced the many manifestations of the Angel of Carnage, sent by God to punish them for their sins.

Guitarist Jouni Mikkonen on Tuomas Holopainen now being a full member of the band:
Tuomas was featured as a session keyboardist on all previous albums. This time he was fully on board from the moment we decided to make this album and hence it was natural for him to become a full band member. He also made a substantial contribution to the creative process.”

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Angel of Carnage Unleashed” track listing:
1. Name the Dead
2. In Evil, Sickness and in Grief
3. Murktide and Midnight Sun
4. You Bitter Source of Sorrow
5. Where We Dwell
6. In Thrall to Ironskull’s Heart
7. Massacre
8. Black Fog and Poison Wind
9. Outro

Pasi Kankkunen – vocals, guitar
Jouni Mikkonen – guitar
Teemu Kautonen – bass, backing vocals
Tuomas Holopainen – keyboards
Kai Hahto – drums (session)
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