Aggressive metallers I Revolt released a new single


Raw and unforgiving new track, “Spit or Swallow,” asks listeners if they are you here to fight, or if they are you here to give in.

The young and hungry 5-piece act hailing from Kerava, Finland have really made a name for themselves throughout the metal scene. Winning the Finnish and nordic parts, claiming the award for the best guitarist from the world finals of Emergenza Festival, and succeeding great at Tuska-Torstai competitions finals eventually landed I REVOLT a bunch of opening slots for bands like UNEARTHOMNIUM GATHERUM, and IN MOURNING, and a slot at the Tuska Festival 2019

Their latest EP, “Blocked”, has also gathered over 800 000 streams on Spotify and its songs have been seen on the Spotify’s own viral list in the Top 10.

“The single, ‘Spit or Swallow,’ tells the story of a situation where you’ve messed up and are now standing back against the wall. You’re on the spot where you need to ask yourself will you fight back or will you just give in,I REVOLT tells. “The song also serves as an important new coming for us with the new drummer and after this ‘spring break’ caused by Covid-19. There’s more rage and anger than ever with a new, better sound but still has the good oldI REVOLT vibe “that we’ve wanted to give you right from the start of the band,” the band continues.

The song got its premiere on Metal Casinos’ own “Metal casino premiers” and you can now find it from all major streaming platforms. You can listen to the official audio here:

The next time you can see I REVOLT performing is tomorrow, 5 August 2020, in Helsinki, when they take over the stage of Lepakkomies, where HUMAVOID is also celebrating the release of their new album

05.09.2020 Lepakkomies: HUMAVOID, I REVOLT, and CRUCIFY THE FAITH


Ville Jantunen – Vocals

Ville Marttila – Guitar

Sebastian Rosenlindt – Guitar

Tony Nurminen -Bass

Andreas Krysl – Drums


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