6.3.2019 Bootyard Bandits, Skálmöld & Alestorm @ Nosturi, Helsinki

The pirate battle ship of ALESTORM took a halt at Nosturi, Helsinki to play their songs for us. It had been a long time since I saw the lads from Scotland play live, so I decided it was time to get hooked to their catchy, and fun songs again. 
So, confession. I came right on time to the venue, on time to check out BOOTYARD BANDITS, however, when I stepped into the photo pit I realized I was missing my camera battery. So I had to quickly go home and fetch it for the rest of the evening. I therefore missed the first four songs of the band, but was on time for the end of set. The last three songs really impressed me, the guys sounded like an energetic opener for the evening, and made me regret that I missed half of their show. Hopefully, I'll catch the guys play an entire set some other time! 
SKALMÖLD was the next act of the evening. I had seen the band play before Stam1na in May, and was very impressed by their music and performance. The crowd gave the band a thunderous cheer when the band started playing their songs. The band played a set compromised of songs from across their albums along with the classic “Kvaðning”, that ended a successful show. The band really delivered an outstanding performance, with the bar set high for the next band to follow, we are in for a fantastic continuation of the night.  
Along with a gigantic rubber duck in the background, ALESTORM kicked off with “Keelhauled” and a high-on-energy “Alestorm”, and the party got started. People were chanting along with the band as the songs progressed, and often moshpits or jolly dancing would sprout amongst the audience. Ready for the show, in kilt and flip-flops vocalist Christopher Bowes ran around the whole stage, unleashing his immense energy on the audience. “Magnetic North” and “Mexico” soon followed, and the audience joined in with the band on the big choruses. What an atmosphere!
 While the band played a lot of their older classics, the latest album “No Grave But The Sea” was not left out, best of the night being the title track itself and “Pegleg Potion”. But overall the focus was more on the catchy powered-up songs, everyone could enjoy. Christopher Bowes asks the crowd who hates slow songs, I’m one of the people who raised their hands, because I really don’t but the ballad-like “Nancy The Tavern Wench” surely was a great success, coupled with ”1741 (The Battle of Cartegena)” we were offered a moment of relaxation before shit would hit the fan, and the insane party mood would turn to ecstacy. “Drunken Sailor” turned into “Hangover”, with a guest appearance of a huge man who had just chugged 2 pints of beer in a row.
The band then introduced their famous “Captain Morgan’s Revenge”, and “Shipwrecked”, but had more for us in store. The band came back, with a huge applause, for their encore with “Drink”, “Wolves of the Sea”, and my all-time favorite “Fucked With an Anchor”, which totally made up for a bad start of the evening! What a show!
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