5.12.2022 Silver Bullet & Stratovarius @ Möysan Musaklubi, Lahti


A little while ago, power metal act STRATOVARIUS released their latest pearl, “Survive,” after a 7-year break. To celebrate the release, the band played a few shows around Finland, with a stop in Möysän Musaklubi in Lahti on December 5th, 2022. As if one power metal act wasn’t enough, the 5-piece invited SILVER BULLET as a support act for the evening. It was written in the stars that this would be a heavy metal feast!

SILVER BULLET always have a fun live show, usually packed with tons of surprises. You never know whether somebody is going to re-enact a scene on stage for our amusement, and the priest was once again part of the performance! We’re always amazed by the band’s energy and it was great to see an audience that was as engaged as us, as a lot of people were shouting along to “Witches Hammer” – a SILVER BULLET classic by now.

Being the last show of STRATOVARIUS‘ tour in Finland, it was no surprise to us that the venue was packed, albeit a bit unusually so for Lahti. Naturally, with an entertaining frontman like Timo Kotipelto, STRATOVARIUS pulled an amazing show out of their sleeves. The setlist had a strong focus on the new album, “Survive,” with one of the highlights being the MESHUGGAH and djent -infused gem, “Broken.” Naturally, the band also included a few live classics, like “Black Diamond” and “Unbreakable.” Kotipelto said Lahti was the best audience, as we sang the loudest chorus of “Hunting High and Low” during the whole tour. Despite someone in the audience feeling unwell and the band not playing for some minutes, the overall performance was once again a fantastic experience. Check out our photo gallery below…

Silver Bullet


Photos by Juho Jokimies