28.10.2018 Mörbid Vomit, HateSphere & Sinsaenum @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


Sinsaenum, a combination of virtuosos together in an extreme metal project. A band where Fredric Leclercq (Dragonforce), Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, Vimic), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Sean Zatorsky(Dååth) and others play together a nice blend of death metal. It almost sounds too good to be true. The band recently released a new album, and therefore of course engaged on a tour. The tour had three dates in Finland, of which one was on 28 October 2018 at On The Rocks in Helsinki.


Mörbid Vomit opened the night for Sinsaenum. I have heard quite good things before about the death metal act from Lahti. I was therefore not surprised that I quite enjoyed their set of simultaneous headbanging. The band played 7 tracks in total of their blend of death metal.


I wasn’t familiar beforehand with their music, but hearing oldskool death metal sounds coming from the stage, really amazed me. I felt like I was part of some underground death metal gig during the 90s. The crispy sound got accompanied by a lot of energy and great attitude of all band members. Definitely, a band to look out for in the future!


  1. Doctrine of Violence
  2. Morbid Gluttony
  3. Necrotic Revelation
  4. Beaten From Belief
  5. Demented Collector of Severed Heads
  6. Engulfed By The Plague
  7. Another One To Die

HateSphere recently released their new mustard colored album “Reduced To Flesh”. To celebrate their latest release, nine days prior to this show, the band joined Sinsaenum on tour. For some reason, I have been a bit oblivious about the death metal scene and again, had not heard of this band before.


Even though a quick search leads me on that this is a pretty big band. Because of that, it is much to my surprise that the venue was rather empty. However, this didn’t matter to the guys of HateSphere, they played their songs to an enthusiastic audience, that seemed to like enjoy the music. The singer made sure that everyone – even me – participated in the show. The band played a handful of songs and even teased the audience with a new song, which sounded like the album is worth listening to. Overall, the show was a lot of fun and made me really excited to discover more of HateSphere’s music.


  1. Lies and Deceit
  2. Murderous Intent
  3. The Fallen Shall Rise in a River of Blood
  4. Resurrect With a Vengeance
  5. Corpse of Mankind
  6. Drinking With The King Of The Dead
  7. New Hell
  8. Iconoclast
  9. Sickness Within

Finally, it was time for Sinsaenum. I had no idea about this project until I saw the event, but since then have been listening to their music quite a lot. I was excited about the gig, but surprises that apparently the word didn’t really get out to a lot of people. With a lineup like that in a band, it was a surprise to me that the venue was not packed with people and sold out. Nevertheless, this way it was way more intimate and the band also didn’t care. They were happy that people were there and excited by their music.


The five-piece gave it everything they could, with as much professionalism as excitement they tackled their music. Their setlist existed out of 12 songs and felt rather short, I would have enjoyed more time with these virtuosos. But we got treated with a variety of extreme metal songs.


The band opened with “Repulsion for Humanity”, and took us with blast beats and shredding through songs like “I Stand Alone”, “Gods of Hell”, “Final Resolve”, “Hooch” and finally, my personal highlight for the evening “Army of Chaos”.


I surely hope that the band will return to Finland, the turnout perhaps wasn’t that great as planned, but I’m 200% sure those who were present are going to be back for more. With a lineup like that, a solid set and a tight show, it wouldn’t surprise me at least.


  1. Repulsion for Humanity
  2. Sacred Martyr
  3. Splendor and Agony
  4. I Stand Alone
  5. Condemned to Suffer
  6. Gods of Hell
  7. Echoes of the Tortured
  8. Final Resolve
  9. Inverted Cross
  10. Hooch(Melvins cover)
  11. Ashes
  12. Army of Chaos