23.2.2019 Shiraz Lane & Beast In Black @ The Circus, Helsinki


Shiraz Lane & Beast In Black

The Circus, Helsinki

BEAST IN BLACK recently released their highly anticipated sophomore album "From Hell With Love" (click to read review here). As a result of their explosive new album, the band is going on their very first headlining tour through Europe, but not before the power metal act did a couple of shows in their home country. Tuonela Magazine went to check out Beast In Black's show at The Circus on 23 February 2019, almost one year after their very first appearance in Helsinki in Nosturi (click to read review here).



Opening for Beast In Black, are the hard rockers from SHIRAZ LANE, who surprised us last year with their sophomore album "Carnival Days" (click to read review here). “We Built This City” by Starship started playing loudly through the speakers, marking the beginning of the show, and continuing in another intro. Soon the band came on stage and they were received with much enthusiasm and joy by their fans. Having seen the five-piece a couple of times, I knew we were in for an energetic ride, and surely after the band kicked off with "Mental Slavery", we were sure to witness their immense liveliness. Out of the eight songs the band performed that night, no less than six of them came from "Carnival Days". A bit unfortunate for me at least was that from where I was standing the sound was not that great, the drums overpowered the rest of the band, and also the backing vocals were a tad too loud. I had trouble hearing vocalist Hannes Kett throughout the whole show. This, however, is often the case in a venue like The Circus, and made it a bit unfortunate as the guys definitely had prepared a solid and energetic set for us. Nevertheless, the band definitely warmed up the audience without any problem!



The stage transformed into the depths of hell, with a fence marking the territory of the Devil, and skulls of anyone who invaded the stage on its poles. The backing vocal mic stands were covered in skulls, all-in-all it's clear that the band was able to now spend a budget on props. An atmospheric intro blazed around the venue, and the band soon came on the stage on the tones of "Cry out for a Hero", an extremely dynamic song showing that the band clearly has mastered their new songs. Effortlessly the band discovered all the corners of the stage, while playing the song perfectly from beginning to end. After an explosive start, the band continues with "Unlimited Sin", which immediately sets the audience into a disco mode. Behind me, I hear a lot of people already singing along to the song, even though it has only been out for a couple of weeks. 



"Beast In Black" soon follows, which still is one of my favorite songs the band has put out, I'm almost bummed out that I have to trade headbanging on such a heavy song like that for photographing, but can manage to control myself. Since the opening trio of songs is over, I march my way into the sold-out venue, the amount of people definitely is a representation of how popular this band has become within one year. Marching my way through the crowd on the tunes of "Eternal Fire", I can only think of one thing: "Damn you, Anton Kabanen, why do you write such catchy songs!"



The band continues throughout their set filled with a lot of epic guitar shredding, high-pitched screams, and well-trained choreographies. They take us through the highs of both albums, and only skip four tracks in total of their entire repertoire, and the audience responds well. Some speeches, and a lot of songs later, the band arrives to "Crazy, Mad, Insane", a song where we can always expect something special to happen. Singer Yannis Papadopoulos arrives on stage wrapped in a straitjacket, and the rest incognito behind masks. 


The band prepares for the final songs of the evening, and play through their latest hits "Sweet True Lies", and "From Hell With Love" before they take off. The audience welcomes them again on stage, and we get not one, but three songs added to the set "No Surrender", "Blind and Frozen", and "End of the World". In total the band played us no less than 19 tracks, quite an elaborate setlist. The only track missing from the new album was the emotional ballad "Oceandeep".  The new tracks work excellent in a live setting, but the setlist appears to be very demanding for vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos, as the band didn't have any gimmicks such as guitar solos, drum solos or anything. Not that that's a problem for the audience, on the contrary, the show turned out to be a fantastic evening filled with a lot of outstanding songs, and Yannis himself reaches every note with ease. On my way I catch myself singing "Eternal Fire" out loud, and can't help but think that Beast In Black did it again, they totally dominated the depths of hell at The Circus and there's no way to stop them in doing so!


  1. Cry out for a Hero
  2. Unlimited Sin
  3. Beast in Black
  4. Eternal Fire
  5. This Is War
  6. The Fifth Angel
  7. True Believer
  8. Heart of Steel
  9. Born Again
  10. Repentless
  11. Ghost in the Rain
  12. Die by the Blade
  13. Zodd the Immortal
  14. Crazy, Mad, Insane
  15. Sweet True Lies
  16. From Hell with Love


  17. No Surrender
  18. Blind and Frozen
  19. End of the World