22.2.2019 Sonata Arctica Acoustic Adventures @ Savoy-Teatteri, Helsinki

I have been dying to see an acoustic set by Sonata Arctica since the early 2000s. With the rise of YouTube as a platform, I had seen footage from what must have been one of their best shows ever, playing classics like "Victoria's Secret" and "Letter To Dana" acoustic. So when the Sonata Arctica Acoustic Adventures tour was announced, I felt it almost like an obligation to catch one of those shows. 
The band opened their show with one of their latests songs "Life". I personally lost touch with Sonata Arctica after "Unia". Not knowing the new material all that much, the first half of the show consisted mostly of those tracks. The classics only started around the sixth song, when the band started playing "FullMoon", one of my all-time favorite Sonata Arctica songs. The audience sang along to the chorus, and in general it was a lot of fun to hear an acoustic version of the song. 
Unfortunately I also have to be brutally honest, because acoustic shows are a bit unforgiven, you play a mistake and everyone will notice. Whether the band was just simply tired, or they didn't care for perfection is not clear to me, however, many of the songs were filled with mistakes. The setlist was a great mix of new and old songs, with beautiful classics like "Letter To Dana", "Black Sheep", "Victoria's Secret", "Tallulah", you name it, but the overall playing was a bit on the sloppy side, and vocalist Tony Kakko who I normally can't say anything bad about, even forgot the lyrics to some songs. 
Nevertheless, it overall seemed like the audience didn't care as much as I did about those mistake (I blame it on extremely high expectations), and it even seemed like everyone present had an awful lot of fun, and even though being a seated gig, a lot of people were moving in their seats, singing along etc. What I do have to say is that the lighting and everything was put together very well, I have seen a lot of acoustic shows, and it was great to see that the band had even thought about small details like that. Overall, perhaps not their best performance, but an enjoyable evening filled with a lot great Sonata Arctica songs in great acoustic arragements. 
SetlistLifeOnly the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)Half a Marathon ManThe Rest of the Sun Belongs to MeAs If the World Wasn't EndingFullMoonLetter to DanaAlone in HeavenOn the Faultline (Closure to an Animal)Wolf & RavenI Have a RightBlack SheepAmong the Shooting StarsTallulahPaid in FullFlag in the GroundEncore:Victoria's SecretThe Wolves Die Young