21.2.2019 An Evening Of Rock Classics @ Savoy-Teatteri, Helsinki


Kotipelto and Liimatainen usually make a great team, we have witnessed that in acts like Cain's Offering, and their acoustic shows. Kotipelto, Liimatainen, Pekka Heino, and Netta Skog make an even better one. The quartet was organizing some shows all around Finland under the name of "An Evening of Rock Classics". Attending the Savoy Teatteri version at Helsinki on 21 February 2019, I enjoyed a nice evening filled with great classics of all time. 


While I initially thought both singers would appear on stage at the same time, the first half consisted out of Pekka Heino singing along with music provided by Jani Liimatainen on acoustic guitar, and Netta Skog on her beloved accordion. The theater got filled by "Don't Stop Believing", which most of the audience sang wholeheartedly together with the trio. Pekka Heino also sang some songs from both Leverage and Brother Firetribe, clearly one of the reasons why the audience was gathered here today. Highlights of this set were "Wolf and the Moon" by Leverage, "For Better Or For Worse" by Brother Firetribe. All songs definitely worked out really beautifully in this acoustic arrangement. The first half ended with Brother Firetribe's classic "Heart Full Of Fire". 



The show must go on, and the next half the vocals were delivered by Timo Kotipelto, who started the second half with the emotional "Black Diamond". The second half seems be a tiny bit heavier than the first one, with hits such as "Perfect Stranger" by Deep Purple, "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden, and a lot of Stratovarius classics. There was even room for a Cain's Offering song "I Will Build You Rome". The highlight of the evening for me was the acoustic version of "Shine In The Dark". The final  countdown began, literally, as the band started singing the song, combined with "Killed By Death" by Motörhead. With "Out In The Fields", a Gary Moore cover, Pekka Heino joined again on stage and the two singers blended their voices together, a match made in heaven.

All-in-all "An Evening of Rock Classics" had a great atmosphere, with great classic rock songs, but also classics from Leverage, Brother Firetribe, and Stratovarius. What more can you wish for on a Thursday evening?