17.01.2019 Arion @ Tavastia, Helsinki


Symphonic power metal band Arion recently released their highly anticipated sophomore album “Life Is Not Beautiful”. Months later, the band decided that it was time to have an album release show in the heart of Helsinki at Tavastia. Because of my fondness of the music that these talented guys create, I was really curious to see these new songs live.


I was happy to see that the band managed to fill the venue quite well, I missed the support act Dark Sarah, and came in right on time for Arion to start playing, and sure… The intro “End Of The Fall”soon started blasting its way through the venue. The band kicked off with “No One Stands In My Way” and suddenly vocalist Lassi Vääränen marches his way to the stage! The band continues with “I Am the Storm”, and takes us through a journey of both new songs and older ones.


Since most of the songs of “Life Is Not Beautiful” were previously released, the audience already had heard most of the songs live. A new addition to the setlist, however, was “The Last Sacrifice”, which sounded really epic live. Unfortunately, the band didn’t play both the title track and the hauntingly beautiful ballad “Last One Falls”, but considering the tight and solid set, some kickass solos by keyboard player Arttu Vauhkonen and guitarist Iivo Kaipainen, I am willing to forgive them for this. A small disappointment came from the audience when a dedicated fan was shouting for a bass solo when the band had already left the stage. But looking at the smiles on people’s faces, I’m pretty sure that everyone had an outstanding time filled with great power metal tunes!


All-in-all the band played a very energetic show, and I think out of all the times I have seen this band now in the last year, I have to say that I was impressed most by this show. The band seemed to be really prepared for this show, there were no technical difficulties, there was no 40-minute time limit, and the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves. The audience’s reaction was really positive, from headbanging to shouting along with the band. Arion definitely is on a roll, be sure to catch them during their European tour if you have the chance!


  1. No One Stands in My Way
  2. I Am the Storm
  3. Punish You
  4. Last of Us
  5. Keyboard Solo
  6. Seven
  7. The Last Sacrifice
  8. Through Your Falling Tears
  9. Out of the Ashes
  10. Unforgivable
  11. Guitar Solo
  12. Burn Your Ship
  13. LostEncore 
  14. You’re My Melody
  15. At the Break of Dawn