Without Warning release 4th single “R.P.B.P.” via Inverse Records


It’s time to bang your fists in the air as WITHOUT WARNING release their 4th single, “R.P.B.P.” (short for “Red Pill, Blue Pill”) via Inverse Records. Taking a different intensive and eerie approach, this is single really stands out from the previous releases.

Photo by Michaela Tuomenoksa

“R.P.B.P.” emphasizes a mind game -like surrounding where humanity is possessed by an aggressive creator. Are you up to challenge your suppressor to get out alive? Or is this fight to live only happening in the darkness of your mind?

Even if the lyrics strongly suggest that the theme is a fictional and dangerous game setup, there is a metaphor hidden in the message, reflecting the anger and will to control people through various evil world leaders and using people as puppets for their dirty deeds.

With the new single, WITHOUT WARNING also present their new fifth member – or “disciple,” as they say – Aleksi Rintala. He is the talented composer behind “R.P.B.P.” and will be adding his talent to the guitars and music production.

“When the band asked me to join as a guitarist, I was also happy to take responsibilities in the songwriting department. I started digging through my archives for a fitting demo for the new band, and I came across this unusual, “nu-metalish” demo that I decided to present to the band. The band was excited about it the minute they heard it, and in a short period of time we produced an amazing new song for Without Warning. I believe the rest of the band is as excited as I am for this new release!” says Aleksi Rintala.

The new single is accompanied by a music video, which brings the intensive story visually alive, produced by no other than Guilty Visuals. The video also includes an acting feature with Inka Inkinen, the amazing vocalist for NOIRA.

Watch music video and listen the single on a streaming service of your choice: https://push.fm/fl/ww-rpbp