TUSKA FESTIVAL: What to expect – DAY 2


The official countdown to Helsinki’s favorite festival has begun, less than two weeks to go until the heavy metal party can begin at Tuska Festival. Read this festival special to see what you can expect at Tuska Festival. This is the second part of our festival special, we’ll break it down for you day by day, band by band. Read the first part here.


TYRANTTI (FI) – Heavy Metal
One of the newest and hottest additions to the Helsinki heavy metal scene is TYRANTTI. With snearing guitars, huge choruses and the promise of a lot of leather. The trio managed to catch our attention already in 2017 with their debut single “Tulipyörä” and we can’t possibly wait for their debut album.

FOR FANS OF – Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon.
SIX INCH (FI) – Nu Metal
Also from Helsinki are the nu metal band SIX INCH. The band was originally founded in 2010 and has been around ever since, they even made it to Spain. Their musical roots and influences stem deeply from the nineties and the uprise of the Nu Metal scene with its groovy riffs and rhythms and aggressive vocals. I’m sure they’ll be able to warm up the crowd with much energy on Satuday.

FOR FANS OF – Slipknot, Korn, Stone Sour, Limp Bizkit, Killswitch Engage.
CRIMFALL (FI) – Folk Metal
Helsinki has many talents, among them is also folk metal act CRIMFALL, who have just released their third album named “Amain” last year. We are promised music that is influenced a lot by the north and its violent roots that then meets echoes of black metal, but is all iced with epic orchestration and a symphonic soundtrack atmosphere, in which the vocalists also complement one another with their interplay and juxtapositions.

FOR FANS OF – Ensiferum, Kivimetsän Druidi, Battlelore, Brymir, Turisas.
Are you a Star Wars enthusiast? You can also enjoy Tuska Festival. As GALACTIC EMPIRE got inspiration from their favorite franchise, even though inspired is an understatement. The band performs classic pieces from the iconic soundtrack of the Star War films, of which the soundtrack was written by no other than John Williams. They do all this while being dressed as characters from the movies. Dress to impress and may the Force be with you.

FEASTEM (FI) – Grindcore
Originally from Raahe, FEASTEM has been one of Finland’s greatest additions to the grindcore scene. The band has been going strong for over a decade and they’re not slowing down. The band claims to have destroyed Finland’s prestigious Tuska Open Air Festival before with raving reviews as a result to their imminent energetic live show. Let’s see if they can live up to that promise this year as well?

FOR FANS OF – Rotten Sound, Nasum, Gadget, Phobia, Wormrot.
RED DEATH (USA) – Metalcore
Fans of oldskool DC hardcore with a flavor of punk and thrash metal, rejoice, because RED DEATH is coming to Tuska to kick off their Eurotour with Foreseen. Red Death offers us riotous, feverish music that’s heavily influenced by late eighties hardcore/thrash crossover bands. With their latest release “Formidable Darkness”, Red Death shows no mercy.

FOR FANS OF – D.R.I., Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault.
FORESEEN (FI) – Crossover Thrash
Helsinki, the home of many metalbands among them FORESEEN, a hardcore/crossover thrash band formed in 2009. With an explosive burst of raw crossover, the band effortlessly fuse the 1980s iterations of US thrash and hardcore to create a merciless sound. The band’s latest album “Grave Danger” dates from 2017.

FOR FANS OF – Agnostic Front, Razor, Carnivore, Slayer, Whiplash, Cro-Mags, Sacrilege, Crumbsuckers.
HEXHAMMER (FI) – Black ‘n’ Roll
Helsinki based Black ‘n’ Roll act HEXHAMMER was founded in 2015 in Helsinki. The band’s self-titled debut album, released in 2017, was a very promising one and showed us the strength of the band, perhaps that’s now why they’re playing their tunes at Tuska Festival?

FOR FANS OF – Kvelertak, Satyricon, Nattefrost, Midnight.

BOMBUS (SE) – Heavy Metal
Heavy metal act BOMBUS from Gothenburg, Sweden is ready to show us their groove, which was so apparent in their latest 2016 release “Repeat Until Death”, an album certainly living up to its title. They bring the heavy in the metal and will bring us heavy metal at Tuska Festival.

FOR FANS OF – Grand Magus, Grave Digger. 
BEAST IN BLACK (FI) – Heavy Metal
BEAST IN BLACK is not a stranger to Tuska Festival. In fact, one of their first shows happened to be held at the festival. This was without even having an album or any songs out there. The Beast finally has now released their debut album “Berserker” and it was an instant success. Ever since, the guys have been booked for many concerts and festivals and of course hometown Helsinki deserves a necessary stop. Anton Kabanen and co will not disappoint with their eighties influenced heavy metal.

THE 69 EYES (FI) – Goth ‘n’ Roll
Originating from Helsinki, starting out in the early nineties. THE 69 EYES have been around for almost 30 years now. Back in 2011 they released their latest studio album “Universal Monsters’ and now they will take a stop at Tuska Festival.

CARPENTER BRUT released his debut album “Leather Teeth” at the end of February. He started writing music as Carpenter Brut with the intention of mixing sounds from horror films, metal, rock, and electronic music. He has toured the United States and Europe, and in 2016 he toured the US with the Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. He performs live with a guitarist and drummer.

HALLATAR (FI) – Doom Metal
Finnish doom metal act HALLATAR, has been the newest addition to the music scene. With a great lineup consisting out of the finest metal musicians, such as songwriter Juha Raivio (Swallow The Sun), Tomi Joutsen (Amorphis) and Gas Lipstick (HIM), the band released their debut album “No Stars Upon The Bridge” during autumn. Raivio based the songs on late Aleah Stanbridge’s poems and writings as a foundation for one last tribute to a departed love and has thus created a true piece of art rather than just another doom metal album.

MOKOMA (FI) – Thrash Metal
Who in Finland hasn’t heard of MOKOMA? One of the biggest and most influential names in the Finnish history of metal. The band has recently released their tenth studio album “Hengen Pitimet”.

AT THE GATES (SE) – Melodic Death Metal
AT THE GATES, pioneers of Melodic Death Metal from Sweden, recently released their new jewel “To Drink from the Night Itself”, which is a perfect opportunity to come celebrate this release at Tuska Festival. As a major progenitor of the Gothenburg death metal sound, this gig is definitely one to look out for!

EMPEROR (NO) – Black Metal
One of Tuska Festival’s most anticipated guests is the in 1991 founded Norwegian black metal band EMPEROR. One of the most legendary black metal acts of all aeons. Emperor are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their coveted ”Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk” -album.

KREATOR (DE) – Thrash Metal
What would the forefront of the thrash metal scene look like without the German titans of KREATOR? With more than three decades of thrash metal on their plate, Kreator is still in business. Mille Petrozza and his crew have been blasting beats since the 80s. Their most recent release “Gods of Violence” shows that they’re more ruthless than every.

GOJIRA (FR) – Progressive Metal
With their unique sound and lyrics focusing on life, ecology and spiritual themes and music that is not easily classifiable, as they mix many different styles in their own sound. French progressive metal titans GOJIRA will act as headliner for Tuska Festival. Their latest release “Magma” was an instant hit with its incredible melodies and often brutal riffs.

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