FEATURED SINGLE: Blackstar Halo – The Queen


Welcome back to the featured single, we recently received a message from a band names BLACKSTAR HALO containing a music video to their newest song. Without knowing what to expect and what not, I pressed play and immediately know this was going to be the next featured single. History tells me that the band goes back to 1998, when they were still called Downfall. They released two EPs and one full length album under that name, until they finally changed it to Blackstar Halo. In 2010 their album “Illuminated” followed. A little bit later during autumn, the band will release their next album “Siren”, for which they released a first single “The Queen”.

© Peero Lakanen

Lyrically speaking, the song is a part of a wider concept, being pushed through in the album, which I’m sure we’ll hear more about soon. But broken down to only this track, it talks about a man, fighting his inner demons while his love for a lady, ends him to be in the position of being used as somewhat a doormat. He likes it, he hates it, it’s a struggle. A struggle which becomes clear while looking to the song musically. With its shameless inspiration drawn from eighties pop and disco, it would almost be a surprise when you think about Swedish Melodic Metal bands, such as In Flames being the main inspiration and influence of the band. The two worlds were catchy electronic, but yet atmospheric sounds are incorporated into the heavy, distorted and low-tuned melodic guitars, which sometimes play riffs straight from hell. Dark, grim, but yet light with the other influences. All of these elements make the song in the end easy to listen to and it also makes it get stuck in your head more easily.  A clear recipe to success, with a great production.
So in anticipation to the new album, here’s something to ease your craving. Listen to “The Queen” below.