Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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REVIEW: Gary Moore – How Blue Can You Get

February 6th, 2021, marked 10 years since the tragic passing of iconic Irish guitarist Gary Moore. He left behind a formidable back catalog of...

19.3.2021 NOEX: Noora Louhimo Experience Live Stream @ GLiveLab, Tampere

While you should already know Noora Louhimo's name from BATTLE BEAST, if you're like me, her crowdfunded solo album slipped under my radar until...

REVIEW: Blues Pills: Holy Moly! (Musicalypse Archive)

There is a group of Swedish rockers known for their retro style, not only for the sound but also by recording at their own...

REVIEW: Outlaws – Dixie Highway

When it comes down to Southern rock, the OUTLAWS have been of huge impact, however, the band seems to be easily neglected. While celebrating...

REVIEW: Southern Fruits – EP: Polar Night Blues

SOUTHERN FRUITS are a pretty intriguing recent musical discovery for me. They are a group of ten to twelve musicians, with a male and...

6.9.2019 Electric Monk @Semifinal, Helsinki

What do you do, when you’re up for some crunchy and groovy rock ’n roll on a Friday evening? If you were lucky enough,...

12.7.2019 Dave Lindholm @ Bar Loose, Helsinki

With a career of almost 50 years, DAVE LINDHOLM has left an indelible mark on the Finnish music scene. Even though his latest record...

13.2.2014 Ilja Jalkanen @ Praha, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

The former KIUAS vocalist, Ilja Jalkanen, has given up on the metal world and decided to stick to something he’s more passionate about –...