GALLERY: 2.3.2023 The Wyman Family & Dirty Honey @ Tavastia, Helsinki


DIRTY HONEY have been rising very quickly up the ranks, burning brightly and quickly among the (rock)stars in the 6 years since the band was founded. Performing with bands like GUNS ‘N’ ROSES, SLASH, KISS, and THE WHO certainly helped these guys establish their fanbase. Fast-forward to this March, here they are, registering a sold-out Tavastia show on March 2nd, 2023, in their own headlining tour with only a full-length, an EP, and a handful of other singles in their discography.

First up for the fans present on this night, the appetizer was represented by THE WYMAN FAMILY, bringing their groovy southern-rock and bluesy style, along with a good attitude on stage, for a show that properly sets up the table for the main course. The band has had a slightly longer career compared to the headliners and have also being quite active live in the country, so this was a nice opportunity for them to perform in front of a sizable audience. As it seemed from the warm reaction of the crowd, definitely something good came out of this chance.

After the changeover – and with a bit of a delay, like a proper rock band – DIRTY HONEY was welcomed by a cheering audience and poured all their energy and enthusiasm in their performance, the last of this California Dreamin’ European Tour 2023. From the get-go, the singer and the two guitarists spent most of their time in the very front, as close as possible to the audience, inciting them and interacting with them on every possible occasion. The quality of the show was certainly telling of their quick rise to fame, as it was like looking at seasoned fellow ’80s rockers, just in a revamped and freshened-up version. This worked also as a nostalgic effect on the older generations of fans, not just on the younger ones, and clearly resulted in a successful formula.

The band basically performed their entire – albeit short – discography, including AEROSMITH‘s “Last Child” cover, as well as Prince‘s “Let’s Go Crazy.” The reception was unexpectedly overwhelming for what could still be considered a “new” band and if things continue in this direction, we expect these guys to be soon making big shows at festivals or bigger venues; only time will tell. Surely their sophomore album will be a great indicator.