SONG OF THE DAY: Persona – Alpha


When it comes to the Tunisian metal scene, most everybody has heard of MYRATH. Some of you may also know CARTHAGODS or NAWATHER. Today we want to present PERSONA, a metal band fronted by the talented Jelena Dobric. So far, the band has released only two studio albums, “Elusive Reflections” (2016) and “Metamorphosis” (2017), plus live album “Persona Unplugged” (2020). After relocating to Germany in 2019, the band released the single “Alpha” in October 2020. They are currently working on their third album.

Showcasing a more industrial and heavy sound, “Alpha” marks the beginning of a new chapter for PERSONA. Apparently, the band has strayed away from its symphonic metal roots and is reaching for something in between melodic metal and melodeath. Since the band has never really shied away from experimenting with their music, this song continues the trend set by “Metamorphosis” of combining clean and harsh vocals on top of a solid melodic backbone. Moreover, there’s a sharp melodic metal edge that gives “Alpha” great groove and energy, while the occasional synth effects add a layer of sci-fi soundscaping to the fold.

On the technical side of things, Simon Schröder’s drums sound massive and all-encompassing, while Eike H. Nehen’s bass lines add depth and gravity to the song. Guitarists Melik Melek Khelifa and Yosri Ouada provide solid riffs and a great dose of melody that balance the harder parts. The vocals are the driving force of the song and the way Jelena Dobric switches between melodious cleans in the chorus and deep gutturals in the verses makes “Alpha” feel more dynamic and aggressive. The extreme metal elements only enhance the single’s already strong foundation and work well with the modern style they are playing around with.  

All-in all, “Alpha” is a powerful melodic metal anthem that comes from a band that has a great deal of talent, potential, and confidence in their skills. The song talks about the dark side that we all carry within us, which can sometimes take over. The accompanying video portrays this idea really well and is as compelling to watch as is listening to the music.

Written by Andrea Crow


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