SONG OF THE DAY: Morcheeba – Sounds of Blue


Rightfully considered pioneers of the music scene, British band MORCHEEBA are known for their smooth fusion of influences that range from folk rock and alternative rock to trip-hop and downtempo. Since their formation in 1995, the band has released nine studio albums, two of them reaching the UK top ten. On May 14th, 2021, MORCHEEBA will independently release their tenth record, “Blackest Blue,” with “Sounds of Blue” being the first taste of the new music.

In between the soothing and soft vocals of Skye Edwards and the gentle percussions and suave bass tones coming from multi-instrumentalist Ross Godfery, “Sounds of Blue” is a dreamy and tranquil track that invites listeners to put their troubles aside and daydream for a few minutes. Like the waves of the ocean, the song leaps around you in different directions while still having a comforting effect upon the soul and mind. On one hand, you have Skye Edwards’ relaxed singing that follows a downtempo beat, while Ross Godfery plays around with more upbeat melodies and subtle chimes. The two currents contrast and complement each other, never getting in each other’s way, and fuse together to create this sensation of floating on water. This calming quality that is the beating heart of the song comes largely from Skye Edwards’ soulful vocals, which are ocean deep in tone and add a tinge of blues.  

A groovy mix of trip-hop and downtempo, “Sounds of Blue” is perfect for a moment of peace and relaxation. It flows so beautifully and serenely, it almost feels liquid in itself. The accompanying music video dives deeper into this idea and shows the two musicians either sailing a boat or performing underwater. Check it out below and let the music touch your soul.     

Written by Andrea Crow


Skye Edwards

Ross Godfrey




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