Song of the Day: Machinae Supremacy – Gerudo Valley (metal version)


Even though the “Gerudo Valley (Metal Version)” by SID-metal legends MACHINAE SUPREMACY came out a few years ago, the band have finally been able to release it to the world on Spotify! This legendarily popular cover is one of the band’s biggest online hits in recent years and was written to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ocarina of Time.

This song is essentially everything you could ever want from a cover… especially a cover done by MACHINAE SUPREMACY. They’ve taken the original song (which is already a great video game soundtrack song on its own) and dressed it up with slick guitars, a fabulous rhythm section, and MASU‘s trademark SID-sound. The arrangement is truly brilliant and it goes to show why it’s one of the band’s most popular online tracks, at over 1.7 million views!

Band leader Robert Stjärnström exclusively comments, “…we did a couple of tracks, actually, and that was the one we picked to release [unsurprisingly]. We’ve loved the song a long time. In fact, our track ‘Fighters’ from ‘Ninne’ was heavily influenced by Gerudo Valley, so one of our earliest songs borrowed the chord progression and has a similar melody.”