Song of the Day: In Vision – Pray


IN VISION is a Russian melodic death metal band, formed by Alexei Vinogradov in 2020, that have released their new single, “Pray,” in October. It also happens to be today’s Song of the Day!

What hit me immediately was the song’s excellent pacing and flow. The tempos and moods flow together very well and keep things from growing tiresome. Things open with the gentle sounds of acoustic guitar before erupting into INSOMNIUM-like riffing. At the 1:22 mark, the chorus hits with gentle melodic leads joined by forlorn clean vocals. The composition is well-crafted, perfectly balancing brutal smashing riffs with melodic melancholia in the best traditions of DARK TRANQUILITY and AT THE GATES. At the 2:36 mark, things move toward calmer waters, adopting a soothing sound just before closing with a powerful burst of clean vocals complete with blast beats and frantic riffage. And check out those lyrics:

“My war making me alone

My god is all in scars

Take me to another side

From darkness to light

Silence make you waiting for insane…”