SONG OF THE DAY: Dynazty – Advent


Swedish modern melodic metal unit DYNAZTY have recently released a new single, “Advent,” just in time to hype up their three newly confirmed gigs in Finland this December. The up-tempo and gritty new track comes with a fiery video courtesy of Grupa13, which unveils a darker and more modern direction for DYNAZTY, while also acting like a taste of what their next album will (probably) sound like.  

While the melodic structure of “Advent” is somewhat reminiscent of “Presence of Mind” and the cadence of the verses brings to mind the marching rhythm of “The Northern End,” there is also much more hidden under the surface… even if some people might think of it as a standard DYNAZTY single. Nils Molin’s vocals come across as more aggressive than before, as he’s singing more in his lower register; the drums and bass are a bit louder in the mix, which makes them sound more dominant and powerful, and the guitars are not as melodic as you’d expect. The electronic overlays are kept at a minimum so as not to distract from the instrumentals and vocals, but when they do pop up, they bring a layer of dark sounds to the fold. There is a subtle shift here as they hone in on a much more focused sound, hence why “Advent” feels more linear and less melodic. However, DYNAZTY have always experimented with their music and this is no exception to the rule.

As always, the big and hooky chorus is the highlight of the song, but I wouldn’t discard the verses so easily, as the vocals and drums provide a neat headbanging/jumping rhythm that will surely go over fantastically in a live setting. The juxtaposition of the melody in the chorus and the straightforward and rough delivery of the verses adds dynamism to the track, while the solo injects it with a burst of energy. As for the lower vocals, in the second part of the track (“and the truth shall set you free”), they add a nice touch and break the mold a bit. Moreover, the fact that the final word of the song – “free” –  is also sung in a lower register is in line with the general mood of the composition and goes against the idea of ending a song in a crescendo (that so many bands do because it works so well live) … but without being anticlimactic or feeling out of place.

No matter how you look at it, “Advent” is a great track. It’s a great track if you want to headbang, or work out, or just do some cardio. It’s an equally great track if you need an uplifting message about being yourself and showing your true colors to the world. At least one thing is for sure: DYNAZTY are a band you can always trust to deliver excellent lyrics, top-notch vocals, and skillful melodies, all wrapped up in a crisp production. Check the video below and stream the song in these playlists on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music.    

Written by Andrea Crow