Rootbrain serve a taster from their debut album


Rootbrain, a five-piece collective featuring members of bands like TRIPTYKON, PROFANE OMEN, and KUOLEMANLAAKSO have shared a new song called “Floating Feathers” on their Youtube channel. Hailing from Seattle, Finland the band serve a peculiar mix of dangerous groove and juicy melodies. They call their unique style black grunge. You can call it whatever you will.

The song is taken from their yet unreleased debut album “Breakwater,” due to be released by the end of the year. The album has been engineered, mixed and mastered by V. Santura of TRIPTYKON and DARK FORTRESS fame at Woodshed Studio, Germany. Santura is also the lead guitarist of the band. “Floating Feathers” showcases the more melodic and emotional side of the band and the video has been created in collaboration with Finnish nature photographer, Petteri Hautamaa.

Bassist Thomas Wright comments: ”“Floating feathers” is for me personally the most significant, honest, and emotional song I’ve ever written. It was born at a time when I was forced to let go of many things in my life I held dear. My father left into eternity, my long time partner and my children left to another side of the city, my mother didn’t recognize me anymore because of her Alzheimer’s. I lost my wealth and also struggled with my health. I had to rebuild everything from scratch. Without music and my bandmates that would’ve been impossible. The song was written in deep, dark waters but it turned out surprisingly hopeful despite its melancholy. It’s about letting go. Something very timely at these times of uncertainty. The nature photography of Petteri Hautamaa fits the music seamlessly and we’re grateful he let us combine our music with his art.”

Rootbrain is:

Jules Näveri – vocals
V Santura – lead guitar
Helle – rhythm guitar
Thomas Wright – bass
Tony – drums


Instagram:  /  @rootbrain_official