REVIEW: Outlaws – Dixie Highway


When it comes down to Southern rock, the OUTLAWS have been of huge impact, however, the band seems to be easily neglected. While celebrating their 45th anniversary since the release of their debut album, the band released their latest studio effort “Dixie Highway,” out on 28 February 2020 through Steamhammer/SPV.

The OUTLAWS will take you on a ride through “Dixie Highway,” which was the highway that originally connected Chicago and Miami. Their iconic triple-guitar rock makes a comeback with this record, and altogether a fun and easy record to listen to. “Dixie Highway” is their first record in eight years, and starts off with a strong statement in the form of “Southern Rock Will Never Die.” What is apparent from the start is that the band still includes these trademark harmonies. The opening track is packed with a catchy chorus and a handful of guitar solos. The opener is followed by a re-recording of one of their older seventies classics “Heavenly Blues,” a hommage to the olden glory days.

The album contains all the OUTLAWS‘ ingredients that we have come to love: chugging guitar rhythms, compelling jamming, a country feel, twin-guitar passages, and altogether great melodies. This is apparent throughout the album with great songs such as the title track “Dixie Highway,” “Endless Ride,” which includes an epic guitar solo. “Slowdown” is an excellent instrumental track, that feels largely inspired by THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND.

With the release of “Dixie Highway,” the OUTLAWS once again blaze a route that is as familiar to their fans as it is creative in its spirit. With a well-balanced production, the band managed to put out a strong studio effort, celebrating their 45th anniversary in style.

Article written by Laureline Tilkin


01. Southern Rock Will Never Die 5:18
02. Heavenly Blues 4:49
03. Dixie Highway 5:48
04. Overnight From Athens 4:23
05. Endless Ride 6:05
06. Dark Horse Run 5:48
07. Rattlesnake Road 4:08
08. Lonesome Boy From Dixie 4:48
09. Showdown (Instrumental) 3:10
10. Windy City’s Blue 5:44
11. Macon Memories 4:30


Henry Paul – guitars, vocals
Monte Yoho – drums, percussion
Dale Oliver – guitar, vocals
Randy Threet – bass, vocals
Dave Robbins – keyboards, vocals Steve Grisham – guitar, vocals
Jaran Sorenson – drums, percussion

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