REVIEW: Tool – Fear Inoculum


The thirteen year wait is over, TOOL finally have released a brand new album, named “Fear Inocolum”, released on 30 August 2019.

First impressions? What a beautiful musical experience, that will captivate you from start to end. The complex, and unique compositions from the past return once again, weird time signatures, and lyrics are still in check. The progressive metal act has released a perfect album that continues in the same style the band headed to 13 years ago. Every song in this album is an epic, with very little songs lasting under 10 minutes. Take songs like “Invincible”, and “Descending” which take you on an immersive journey of almost 15 minutes, the former perhaps being my personal favorite on this album. Both tracks are perhaps the tracks that shows how much this band has matured over the years, building up to something otherworldly. Organized chaos with beautiful guitar work, and subtle harmonies, ensure that the listening experience as a whole is taken into account. “Culling Voices” holds some great post-rock elements, with a beautiful delicacy, the song almost feels fragile. “7empest” is another highlight of the album, with perhaps a subtle reference of the band’s slight preference for the number seven, with a lot of 7/4 time signatures, sevens concealed both in riffs and lyrics. “7empest” perhaps offers one of heaviest TOOL riffs ever written.

Now you may wonder whether it was worth it to wait no less than 13 years for a new album? Hell yeah! As with any TOOL album maybe you will net get really into the music after a first listen, but the album in general takes you on a challenging journey, and is filled with masterfully crafted beautiful compositions.


1.“Fear Inoculum”
5.“Culling Voices”
6.“Chocolate Chip Trip”