4.10.2019 Rokets, Thy Row & Stone Blue Electric @ Bar Loose, Helsinki


A couple of months ago we had the pleasure to interview STONE BLUE ELECTRIC, and to review their album. We never had the chance to see the band perform live, so when it was announced they would play a show together with a band we’re very familiar named THY ROW, and ROKETS, it was an immediate hell yeah I’m gonna go head to Bar Loose on a Friday evening.

During the last song of ROKETS, I entered a relaxed atmosphere at Bar Loose, I prepared myself for what was coming next, a tornado under the form of a heavy metal act… THY ROW. The band has proven themselves to always deliver a fast and energetic show, with killer riffs, and making the audience headbang up until the point you just know that they’re gonna have some sore muscles the next day. The band started with “The Round”, and while they were struggling a bit with some technical issues with the mics, they battled their way bravely through any difficulty facing their way. The band played the songs from their recently released EP “Hidebound”, “Beyond Reason”, “Just Fine”, but also included some new unreleased tracks such as “Unchained” and “Road Goes On”. Judging from the performance, these songs are gonna be very positively received once released. This perhaps wasn’t the tightest show the band has ever played, mainly because there seemed to be some issues related to the sound of the guitars. Bar Loose is not exactly known for having the best sound in general, so a lot of the issues may have been due to the venue. Their performance was, however, definitely one of the most energetic shows the band has ever played, and throughout the setlist the band gained more confidence and eventually nailed it with a killer rendition of the fast and furious “Blue Blood” by X-JAPAN. More importantly, the band seemed like they had a blast on stage, and their enthusiasm was definitely infectious.

STONE BLUE ELECTRIC was up next with their action rock, playing a lot of songs from their latest album “Speaking Volumes”. Even though their performance was really tight, after the music of THY ROW, it felt somehow a bit out of place and had set me in a total different mood. STONE BLUE ELECTRIC‘s music is more laid-back and relaxed, and focused on groovy rock ‘n’ roll rhythms, rather than fast and heavy songs. A lot of people didn’t seem to mind the shift in direction of the evening, and started dancing along the tunes filled with smokey vocals and simple, yet catchy arrangements of songs such as “Screaming At The Disco”. All-in-all it seemed like the people present at Bar Loose really enjoyed all three acts, and I personally definitely had a blast!

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