REVIEW: Stone Blue Electric – Speaking Volumes


Founded in 2016 by Sami Osala (Sunrise Avenue), and Patrik Eriksson (lle Kallio Big Rock Band), STONE BLUE ELECTRIC is influenced by seventies rock. The band recently released their debut album “Speaking Volumes” on 1 February 2019.



“Speaking Volumes” contains ten songs in between the two and six-minute range. Ten songs that never overstay their welcome. “Speaking Volumes” opens the record with “Generation Snowflake” in an energetic fashion, and you can immediately hear the influences mentioned above. The songs are driven by simple riffs, but incorporate elements from action rock, sometimes even blues, and more in general seventies rock, with smoky vocals, and simple yet effective catchy arrangements.

“Speaking Volumes” has a variety of songs from the melodic “GYDIAR”, to the mid-tempo “I S’pose It’s A Shame”, to the relaxed “Ants In Your Pants”. The songs will appeal to a various audience. My personal highlight of the album is “Screaming At The Disco”, which has more of that dirty rock ‘n’ roll, almost rockabilly vibe to it. It’s the kind of song that blows you back to the past, the kind of song you can really swing to. No wonder the band released this as a single prior to the album release. Another one of my favorites is the more bluesy “Hallelujah”. This song definitely shows a different side of the band, perhaps a side the band could explore more in the future. The band ends the album on a softer note with the ballad “Month of June”, offering one last climax to the listener before the album is coming to its end.

With “Speaking Volumes” STONE BLUE ELECTRIC present a consistent, and refreshing album. These ten songs are proof that rock ‘n’ roll hasn’t quite yet died. I would recommend this album to anyone who has a heart for rock music.


  1. Generation Snowflake
  3. I S'pose It's a Shame
  4. Every Picture Tells a Story
  5. Ants in Your Pants
  6. Screaming at the Disco
  7. Hey Sue
  8. Hallelujah
  9. Those Everlasting Lies
  10. Month of June


Patrik Eriksson - Vocals
Jussi Turunen - Guitar
Jaakko Jakku - Bass
Sami Osala - Drums