7.2.2019 Swallow The Sun @ Nosturi, Helsinki


I fell in love with SWALLOW THE SUN's latest effort "When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light" while reviewing it (click here to read the review). It simply amazed me how the how album is an immersive journey exploring a variety of different emotions. So, when I noticed that Swallow The Sun was booked for Nosturi on 7 February 2019, I just knew I had to be a part of the experience. 



Unfortunately for me, the extreme winter conditions took a toll on my health, and as a result I didn't make it to the support act. I arrived right on time for SWALLOW THE SUN. A vaguely familiar intro track started playing, after a while I realized it was one of their latest released singles "Lumina Aurea". The song created a very grim atmosphere, and even though in my opinion a bit too long, the song set the perfect mood for a heavy evening. SWALLOW THE SUN opened their show with the title-track of their new album. Perhaps it was because I found myself in the photo pit, and bad position to experience the music, I felt that the vocals unfortunately were a bit too soft for me during this song, this got a lot better during the second song of their set. However, "When A Shadow was Forced into the Light" definitely was a strong opener for the band. 




I was kind of rooting for SWALLOW THE SUN to play the whole album from start to finish, but they soon dived into "Lost & Catatonic" (Songs from the North). Being not able to take the most outstanding shots, because the band's lighting preferences are sometimes a bit too atmospheric, I was able to relax during the first three songs of the set, especially during "Upon The Water". Afterwards, I waded my way through the audience. Almost a full-house, or so it seemed, and what an atmosphere. No, SWALLOW THE SUN doesn't play those kinds of energetic tunes that invite you to dance the night away, but the audience sure seemed to enjoy the variety of songs the band had in store for us. The setlist offered a good balance in between newer and older songs, so basically it entailed a lot for everyone present. 

The night ended with a nice surprise as during "Swallow" the band invited old band mates Aleksi Munter and Markus Jämsen on stage to play together. All-in-all the performance was an atmospheric jewel, which allowed for a moment of reflection during a hardworking week. 



  1. When a Shadow Is Forced Into the Light
  2. Lost & Catatonic
  3. Cathedral Walls
  4. Upon the Water
  5. Firelights
  6. Stone Wings
  7. Sleepless Swans
  8. New Moon
  9. The Giant


  10. Emerald Forest and the Blackbird
  11. Deadly Nightshade
  12. Hold This Woe
  13. Swallow (Horror Pt. 1)